Lesson 1A:
Check Before You Go

A Words words words

A1 Listen and repeat.

B Reading and listening

C My... Grammar!

Present perfect simple: positive form

1 How do we form present perfect simple?

I / you / we / they       
have downloaded an app. / have been to the Titanic Belfast museum.
He / she / it                
has visited CS Lewis Square. / has read The Chronicles of Narnia.

Be careful!
download -> downloaded
visit -> visited

see -> seen
read -> read

2 When do we use the past simple tense, and when the present perfect simple?
Look at the table below and compare.

past simple
I downloaded the app yesterday

Time of the action -> important

I downloaded the app yesterday
I say exactly when, I talk about a
finished action in the past.

present perfect simple
I have downloaded the app.

Time of the action -> not important

I have downloaded the app, I have
it now the result of the action in
the present is important.

C3 Do the crossword puzzle.