1 Listen. What are Ian and Sarah doing? Choose the correct sentence.
2 Listen to people talking about clothes. Look at the pictures and put them in the correct order.
3 Listen to the dialogue between Ian and his sister Sarah. Are these statements true or false?


1 a) Read the postcard. Fill in the missing sentences. There is one sentence you do not need.
1 b) Read the postcard again. Answer the questions.
2 Ian is asking his family about their favourite media. Read and decide who thinks what.



For me, it’s all about listening. I’m very busy, so I don’t have much time for reading or watching TV. I need something I can do while I’m doing other things. For example, when I do housework, I usually listen to the radio. When I travel to work, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks on my mobile phone. It makes boring jobs and journeys to work more fun.


I’m not as modern as you kids. I like holding real newspapers and magazines in my hands. And then there’s radio, of course. That’s where I find out what’s going on in the world. It’s where I hear about new music, too. I love singing while listening to the radio. But my number one type of media is television, because there I can see and hear so many different things.


I like both traditional and modern media. First come books. I always have one with me, wherever I go. But you can read all sorts of things on the Internet, too. I use the Internet to help me with my school assignments. I also read articles about photography and travel online. And I like to share my travel photos. The most important thing about digital media is that I can keep in touch with my friends and family.